Slim Extreme 3D Spa! Anticellulite Slimming Tanning Cream, 8.45 oz/ 250 Ml

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Improves silhouette, moisturizes

Tan Max Complex, Firming 3D Complex
For normal, dry and sensitive skin

Triple Action:
- Gives the skin a delightful shade of tan
- Improves silhouette, effectively reducing the signs of cellulite
- Intensively moisturizes for 24h , establishes and maintains a tan
- Innovative, exclusive formula corrective effect of sunburn cream, developed in the laboratory of Eveline Cosmetics , contains a unique set of over-active components, which gradually gives skin a natural tan, while leaving the skin hydrated, supple and elastic, " without the orange peel effect ."
- Cream visibly smoothes and firms the skin, comfortable to apply, absorbs quickly and within a few hours gives it a touch of natural tan. Eliminates dryness and tightness of the skin, makes the skin soft and satiny smooth.

Composition and effect:
- Tan Max Complex stimulates melanin and gives the skin a golden tan.
- Stimulates microcirculation Firming 3D Complex together with components simulates figure smoothes the skin , improves its elasticity and prevents the development of cellulite.
- Hydro Moisturizing 24 hour action deeply moisturizes and restores the natural moisture level and mitigates too long exposure to the sun.

- Amazing, even tan.
- Smooth, supple and deeply moisturised skin.
- Clear silhouette without signs of cellulite.

Apply the cream to clean, dry skin of the body. After use wash hands. Cream well absorbed without leaving streaks, feeling of stickiness and marks on clothing.
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