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Set of Essential Oils for Insomnia, 4x5 ml/0.17 oz

SKU: 306908


The set of essential oils includes:

- Lavender essential oil has antioxidant, anagelsic, sedative effect. It reduces feelings of excitement, aggression, depression, fatigue, relieves hysteria and state of shock. Lavender essential oil treat insomnia and helps adapt to new climate conditions. 

- Tangerine essential oil has antispasmodic and sedative action. It is of much help in the states of depression and anxiety.

- Lemongrass essential oil has an antispasmodic action. It is a wonderful agent for treating insomnia, depression and melancholy. 

- Neroli essential oil has sedative effect. It treats insomnia, relieves anxious states, state of fear, fatigue. It helps relax and relieve nervous tension, stimulates sexual desire and activity. 

For external use only!

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