Organic Natural Oil Cannabis, 1 oz / 30 ml Botanika

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Organic Natural Fat Oil Cannabis 1oz/30ml Botanika


Plant type / Part Used: Cannabaceae (Konopleva)

Latin name: Cannabis sativa L.
Family: Cannabaceae (Konopleva)
Extraction Method: Distillation
Aroma: It has the smell of hay, lightly spiced.
General: annual herbaceous dioecious plant height of 30-180 cm, with erect branched stems with a thickness of 3 mm to 30 mm. The leaves are opposite the bottom, top - alternate, with lanceolate lobes coarsely. Male flowers on stalks, five-membered, whitish-green, clustered in paniculate inflorescence branching; female - about a flower garden with a rudimentary form spike-like inflorescences, sitting in the axils of upper leaves. Fruit - achene, hidden in the shell; usually referred to as hemp seed. It blooms in June and July. Fruiting in August-September. Weight of 1000 seeds - 18-25 g Hemp oil has been one of the main in Russia and only in XVIII-XIX centuries it was gradually replaced with sunflower. Seeds contain fatty oil (40%), gum, vitamin K, choline, cholesterol, sugar, edestin, saponins.
Chemical components: Linoleic acid - 55% Linolenic acid - Oleic acid 20% - 11% palmitic acid - 6% Stearic Acid - 2.5% Palmitolenovaya acid - 0.15%
Action: Hemp oil has excellent nourishing, protective and regenerative properties. It returns the elasticity and softness of the skin, effectively combats dehydration, due to its ability to retain moisture in the skin. It has a high penetrating power, it is absorbed quickly without greasy, perfectly restores the skin's texture. Also strengthens the walls of capillaries and has antikuperoznoe action. Effectively protects the skin from premature aging due to its ability to bind free radicals. Also, hemp oil has a good effect on the cosmetic condition of the hair: nourishes the capillary fiber, improves the structure of hair, gives them extra shine, flexibility, volume and facilitates stacking.
Precautions: The oil has no contraindications. Not suitable for frying.
Effects on the body: Studies show that hemp oil, similar in quality to the linseed really effectively on health, supporting cardiovascular, endocrine and immune systems are normal. It is also used to create a healing ointments and balms. Oil is useful to take into the presence of such problems as insomnia, inflammation, nervous disorders, kidney disease, cystitis, cough, rheumatism, boils, swelling, problems with digestion.
Effects on the skin: It is recommended for dehydrated, faded, tired skin. To care for wrinkled skin (reduces wrinkles) as well as for preventive care for skin prone to wrinkles. Especially recommended for dry, mature, aging or damaged skin. Also recommended for dry, brittle, too fluffy, dull, frizzy hair.
Product: Cardboard box containing a bottle of essential oil with a capacity of 30 ml; 50 ml. Each product includes a detailed summary on the use of inside.
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