Nourishing Foot Cream "Steamed Herb" (Fresh SPA) 75ml

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Natura Siberica

Extremely rich in nutrients Foot Cream "steamed herb" is quickly absorbed, instantly restores skin elasticity and reduces the feeling of fatigue after a long day. Organic clary sage oil intensely nourishes, softens and moisturizes the skin of the feet. It has anti-inflammatory effect, deodorizes, promotes healing of small cracks.

Blue mallow extract regenerates and soothes the skin, reduces puffiness and tired feet daily. Nanai magnolia belongs to a special group of plants - adaptogens, survivors of the Ice Age thanks to its unique ability to adapt to very harsh conditions of Siberia.

Its essential oils and nutrients increase the protective properties of the skin, tones it, prevent irritation and inflammation, eliminate discomfort. Very refreshing, providing instant and prolonged effect.

Result: instantly more hydrated and elastic skin of feet; healing small cracks, removal of stress and fatigue.

Nourishing Foot Cream "Steamed Herb" (Fresh SPA) 75ml
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