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NEW Organic Baby biscuit BELGIAN WITH CHOCOLATE from 3 years (Fleur Alpine)

SKU: 306669
Fleur Alpine
Wholegrain wheat flour*, unrefined cane sugar*, unhydrogenated vegetable oils (sunflower, coconut)*, chocolate crumb* (unrefined cane sugar*, cocoa*, cocoa oil*), rice flour*, eggs*, skimmed milk powder*, raising agents (sodium hydrocarbonate, ammonium ca

* Organic agriculture

Product features:

No palm oil – baked using sunflower and coconut oils

Contains whole flour

Contains genuine Belgian chocolate

Tender crumbly biscuit with chocolate taste


Product is ready to be consumed Nutritional value in 100 g of the product: Energy - 447 kcal Protein – 7,5 g Carbohydrates – 60,8 g Fat – 18 g

Shelf life: 15 months from the production date

Storage conditions: Store at the temperature below +25°С and relative humidity below 75%.

Net mass 150 g, 6 portions in individual 25 g packaging

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$4.99 USD
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