Moisturizing Shaving Gel "The Power of the Bear"

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Natura Siberica
Moisturizing Shaving Gel "The Power of the Bear" was created for real men - strong, courageous and self-confident!

Soft thick gel texture is created on the basis of wild grasses in Siberia, provides sure and close shave.

Organic wild mint extract has a powerful tonic effect, pleasantly cools the skin and relieves burning sensation. Amur velvet moisturizes the skin, protects against daily environmental impact. Bear berry has an effective disinfectant and wound-healing effect, prevents irritation. Vitamin E nourishes and softens the skin while shaving.

Due to rich gel formula it is distributed evenly over the skin and facilitates the process of shaving, moisturizes the skin and protects it from irritation, eliminating dryness and tautness.

0% PEG 0% SLS / SLES

0% Parabens

The organic extract of wild mint
Amur velvet
Bear berry
vitamin E
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