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Leanin ointment 30 gr (dermo a protective agent)

SKU: 205529


Leanin ointment contains such active components as boric acid, zinc oxide, talc and menthol. Vaseline is used as the basis of the ointment.
Boric acid has an antiseptic effect, it destructs the pathogens.
Zinc oxide has a drying, astringent and disinfectant action. Contacting with the wound or affected area of the skin, this substance enters into chemical interaction with secretions from wounds or mucus proteins. It covers the surface of the skin with a protective layer, which promotes vasoconstriction and compaction of the cells, reduces secretion, controls inflammatory processes and reduces pain.
Talc has an absorbent and enveloping effect. Getting on the affected skin, the substance also creates a layer, which protects the tissue and nerve endings from external irritants. Providing analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect, talc promotes the adsorption of substances secreted by the sebaceous and sweat glands of the skin.
Menthol included in the composition of Leanin ointment is a pain relieving component. This substance contributes to irritation of the nerve endings, which is accompanied by a slight burning sensation, cold and tingly feeling . Such action of menthol provides a local anesthetic effect. In addition, menthol has a weak antiseptic action. 
Vaseline helps soften damaged skin and improve skin elasticity. The substance protects the skin from harmful external physical impacts.
- atopic dermatitis;
- microbial eczema;
- lichen planus;
- urticaria;
- prurigo (pruritus) 
Directions: apply on the infected area several times a day, gently massaging into the skin. 
Leanin ointment 30 gr (dermo a protective agent)
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