Kvass "Vyatsky" for Okroshka (Cold Soup), 0.79 gal / 3 L

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Kvass is a traditional Russian drink with a more than a thousand year history. As a product of fermentation kvass normalizes appetite and digestion, prevents the development of pathogenic germs, contains vitamins, b-carotene, riboflavin, vitamins PP, H and E, as well as 8 essential amino acids. It was consumed in winter times to fill body with sufficient vitamis as well as in summer time to quench thirst. That is why the most popular Russian cold soup Okroshka was created on the basis of this drink. 

Okroshka with kvass is a perfect summer dish. It is light, but nutritious. It gives energy, but does not cause heaviness and bloating in stomach. It is perfect for dieting as it contains only vegetables and low fat meat. On average, okroshka with kvass contains 78 kcal per 100 g. Which means a 300 g portion of okroshka contains only 234 calories. 

"Vyatky" kvass for okroshka has a more neutral, less sweet taste perfect for making this summer dish. 
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