Inhaler Maholda with essential oils

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The design of the inhaler Maholda is unique in its simplicity and ease of use. This device allows you to spray inhaled liquid (oils and their compositions, infusions of medicinal plants) to aromatic molecules due to the occurrence of turbulent airflow during inhalation.

The benefits of therapy with the help of an inhaler Maholda:

* Unique device that provides highly efficient operation of aromatic substances on the human body;

* Used "warm method" inhalation, which ensures that the inhalation mixture of molecules of aromatic substances in the natural (non-modified) form, which can not be achieved with the "hot method" of inhalation. The gap occurs parovlazhnom inhaler complex molecular forms flavorant thus fall into the body different molecule fragments, whose action does not guarantee a predictable therapeutic effect;

* Included with nozzle for the nose delivers aromas hit in the nasal cavity, where they combine with olfactory cells - receptors, affect the limbic system of the body;

* Lightness, compactness and independence from external power supply source in use, making the inhaler indispensable tool not only at home, at work and at rest, and during the trip.

Inhaler Maholda successfully passed clinical trials in the Central Clinical Hospital of the RAS. The test results revealed the main therapeutic effects: anti-inflammatory, decongestant, vasoactive.

Inhaler Maholda recommended for treatment and prevention of various diseases of the respiratory system, cardiovascular system, nervous system dysfunction:

* At home;

* Physiotherapy offices of health facilities;

* In fitness centers.

The unique design of the inhaler delivers:

* Inhalation spray liquids (oils, alcoholic tinctures of medicinal plants, etc.) To aromatic molecules through the creation of turbulent airflow during inspiration;

* A high concentration of aromatics inhalation mixture directly in the hearth disease (prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases), i.e. It produces a direct therapeutic effect;

* Economical consumption inhalation mixture (essential oils and alcohol tinctures of medicinal plants)

* The ability to regulate the flow rate and the amount of servings of aromatics mixture inhaled into the respiratory tract.


for inhalations with essential oils and tinctures of medicinal plants.

for the prophylaxis and treatment of:

* Respiratory diseases (bronchitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, rhinitis, tracheitis);

* Diseases of the cardiovascular system (angina, hypertension hypotension.);

* Dysfunction of the nervous system (insomnia, neurosis, stress, apathy, depression);

* Activating the protective functions of the body.
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