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Rejuvenating Foot Balm "Warm Socks", 2.54 oz/ 75 ml

SKU: 306907
Grandma Agafia


Aqua with infusions of Organic Brassica Alba Seed Oil, Organic Plantago Media Oil, Pinus Sylvestris Wood Tar, Propolis Extract


Healing Rejuvenating Balm For Feet "WARM SOCKS" takes care of the skin, deeply nourishes it and gives a feeling of soft warmth and comfort.
Active components:
Mustard seed oil has a warming effect, stimulates blood circulation and accelerates metabolic processes in the skin.
Plantain oil has a proven anti-inflammatory and regenerating effect.
Pine turpentine deeply nourishes and regenerates the skin, and a valuable Korean pine propolis softens and gives the heels and soles of feet healthy and well-groomed appearance.
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