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Fleur Alpine ORGANIC milk baby cereal ALPINE EVENING from 6 months

SKU: 306671
Fleur Alpine


whole milk powder*, whole oat flour*, maltodextrine*, whole barley flour*, whole spelt flour* *organic agriculture


Product features:
No added sugar
No added salt
100% whole grain

Fleur Alpine ORGANIC milk baby cereal ALPINE EVENING:

Made from selected organic raw materials
Made from whole grain, thus securing its biological nutrition value
Nutritious grain mixture helps to keep long-term feeling of satiety and contributes to prolonged baby sleep
Easily absorbed and digested due to tender consistency
Delicious flavor and aroma

It is recommended to use Fleur Alpine baby water to prepare cereal

1. Pour 130 ml of boiled drinking water into a clean bowl, preliminary cool it down to 50°C.
2. Gradually add 5-6 tablespoons (about 45 grams) of dry cereal, stirring constantly until homogeneous state is achieved.
3. Leave until desired consistency is achieved. Check the cereal temperature before feeding (about 37°C).

Feeding recommendations:
Start to introduce cereal carefully with 1 teaspoon of the ready product. The recommended amount of ready cereal at 6 months is 150 g, by 8 months - 180 g and by 12 months - 200 g. Do not use the leftover food for next feeding.

Nutritional value in 100 g of the product:
Energy - 418 kcal
Protein - 14,4 g
Carbohydrates – 61,1 g
Fat – 11,9 g
Fibers – 11,9 g
Minerals: Sodium 140 mg

Shelf life:
18 months from the production date stated on the box

Storage conditions:
Store at the temperature from 3 to +25°С and humidity – no more than 75%. Store in a dry cool place no more than 2 weeks after opening. Close bag tightly after each use.

Net weight 200 g
Fleur Alpine ORGANIC milk baby cereal ALPINE EVENING  from 6 months
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