Flask KGB 230 ml

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A great gift, and accessories for men, flask "KGB"
Excellent gift metal flask made of stainless steel alloy with anodized coating food, allowing it to store the contents of the drink sufficiently long time, without changing the taste and quality of natural changes. The front and rear side of the outer surface of the jar is covered with water-resistant polymer skin, giving it a particularly impressive appearance, including tactile feeling comfortable using it. The flask has a metal sign applicator USSR State Security Committee, established in 1957, as a reward for excellence in service. There are two kinds of security mark. One has a gold star having established a parallel with the medal in 1939 Hero of the Soviet Union. The second sign has a red military star of the worker-peasant Red Army, and thus the sign had a direct relation to military intelligence. Flask is a perfect gift for someone special part of the tour, a hunter or a fisherman who needs "emergency supply" of refreshing mineral water to a flammable alcohol. The size of the jar 23x93x122 mm., Volume 230 ml.
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