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Essential Oil Myrrh 0.17oz/5g Botanika

SKU: 205501


Essential Oil Myrrh 0.17oz/5g Botanika

Ingredients: 100% natural essential oil of myrrh

Latin name: Commiphora myrrha Engl.
Bottle volume: 5 ml
Used part: Wood
Packing: vial (dark glass), box
Aroma: complex, sweet, pungent, musky, smoky, resinous, warm, thin, balsamic.
Family: burseraceae
Myrrh essential oil obtained from the resin of a small tree called myrrh Commifora or Balsam tree. In Russia, the plant was called Smyrna, although the main area of its habitat - the south of the Arabian Peninsula and North Africa. First, the tree makes small incisions, which is going to sap. Leaking resin solidifies in the form of a reddish brown drops with a characteristic smell of myrrh.
History and Myths
On the use of myrrh is mentioned in the Gospels. It says that God commanded Moses to take the care from Egypt a little myrrh. In addition, myrrh resin was among the gifts that the Magi brought to the newborn Jesus. And after his death, he was anointed with myrrh. Myrrh resin - a traditional remedy for religious incense. In ancient Egypt, myrrh was used in embalming the dead, introduced her into the fragrant oils. The ancient Greek philosopher Plutarch extolled the ability of myrrh to give solace after a hard day, relieves fatigue and immersed in a healing sleep. Myrrh is also used as an obstetrical tool, it treated ulcers, pressure sores, bad teeth. The aroma of myrrh was used for meditation and helped sober outlook on life.
Chemical components:
Sesquiterpinoids, linalool, beta-Bourbon, the elements, the alpha Santalov, caryophyllene, humulene, elemol, germakren, cadinene, Kurtser, Celine, bisabolen.
Antimicrobial, antiseptic, disinfectant; balsamic; deodorant; carminative; increases the functional activity of the stomach; healing; It stimulates the uterus, and normalizes the menstrual period; diuretic; obschestimuliruyuschee; expectorant; sudorific; anti-inflammatory; antifungal; astringent; tonic.
Precautionary measures
It stimulates the flow of blood, so should not be used during pregnancy.
The impact on the consciousness
Myrrh essential oil regulates the psycho-emotional state, soothes and eliminates depressive symptoms. It promotes relaxation, inner contemplation, rises above the bustle and life. Myrrh oil gives a feeling of tranquility, power and purity. It unravels the thoughts and feelings, making sleep easy, and waking joyful. It is shown with loss of strength, fatigue, congestion and apathy.
Effects on the body
Recommended for use in the rehabilitation period after injuries, operations, serious illnesses, nervous disorders. Strengthens protective functions of the immune system. It increases blood circulation, lymph flow, normalizes the lymph nodes. Increases the activity of the stomach, normalizes acidity. It helps to get rid of bad breath, and thus establish the appetite. Myrrh essential oil is used by women to regulate menstruation and to reduce the pain of their occurrence. Relieves spasms and cramping. It is a powerful aphrodisiac.
Exposure of the skin
Quickly refreshes the complexion, tightens the skin, nourishes and revitalizes it. Myrrh essential oil has a preventive effect on the appearance of premature wrinkles, straightens recently appeared folds, scars and stretch marks. It helps restore wounds and ulcers. Effectively with dermatitis, inflammation, rashes. Myrrh oil is good strengthens the hair, improves its structure, strengthens the roots and struggling with their loss.
Cypress, sandalwood, juniper, geranium, mandarin, thyme, patchouli, lavender, peppermint, frankincense, pine, cloves.
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