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Alezan gel cooling anti traumatic effect 500ml

SKU: 206028


Strong cooling gel Alezan has a high penetration ability, it relieves fatigue and muscle tension, improves blood circulation, stimulates metabolic processes in the tissues, reduces the formation of edema, has antitraumatic, anti-inflammatory and resolving action. Alezan gel is applied as prophylaxis of tendon and ligaments traumas, bruises, dislocations of joints, bruises, sprains, tears and ruptures of tendon, acute aseptic tendinitis, tenosynovitis, bursitis and acute serous synovitis. 

Ingredients: natural menthol, essential oils of eucalyptus, kayaputa, lavender, mint, lemon; integrated phytoextract of peppermint, horsetail, horse chestnut, sage, rosemary, fern, thyme; glycerol, chitosan, camphor, purified water with silver ions, dimethyl sulfoxide, Shilajit, allantoin and auxiliary components.


- It promotes the disappearance of swelling and pain
- It contains only natural (natural) active substances 
- Quickly absorbed, leaves no greasy stains 

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