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Active Serum from the first signs of aging 30ml

SKU: 306515
Natura Siberica
for all skin types
North caviar and 3D collagen

Instantaneous Active Serum deeply moisturizes the skin, and most updates and repairs. It nourishes dehydrated, dull and lifeless skin completely new combination of moisturizing komponentov.Moschny cocktail of revitalizing and restorative ingredients, including extract of black caviar, operates in four directions: up for the necessary vital energy and water balance, intensively moisturizes and nourishes.

Active ingredients:
Extract of black caviar, world famous for its unique anti-aging properties, full of protein and collagen, minerals and vitamins, thereby effectively preventing the aging process, activates the processes of cellular regeneration and collagen production.
-Polipeptid Syn ®-Ake (content in the cream 4%) smoothes the skin and combats facial wrinkles.
Proven clinical effektivnost1: reducing the depth of wrinkles by 52%
- 3D collagen caviar retains moisture in the epidermis level, improving skin tone and elasticity.
- Hyaluronic acid restores the skin's ability to retain moisture. The skin restores moisture balance and gets a healthy glow.
- Complex Vitagenyl® protection stimulates genes that prolong the life of cells, keeping skin young.
- Ferulic acid (from the Siberian iris) in combination with vitamins E and C increases the natural antioxidant protection of the skin from the harmful effects of the environment.

Silicone 0% 0% BHT-BHA

0% mineral oil 0% PEG

0% parabens 0% of EDTA
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