Active Serum for weight loss and body shaping 300ml

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Natura Siberica
Active Serum for weight loss and body shaping based on natural ingredients provides a persistent drain effect, accelerates metabolism, effectively breaks down subcutaneous fat tissue, silhouette models, significantly reducing the volume of the body, making a slim figure, and the skin smooth and taut.

Silt mud is a complex bio organic, which feeds and nourishes the skin with minerals and trace elements, displays the body of toxins.

Fucus extract stimulates blood circulation, activates the metabolic processes that contribute to the splitting of subcutaneous fat.

Hood Ivy has anti-cellulite and draining effect, improves lympho circulation, removes excess interstitial fluid, removes the skin from the orange peel effect.

Centella Asiatica contains active substances and aziatikotsid madekassozid having the highest antioxidant activity, which stimulates collagen synthesis and prevent premature aging of the skin.

SymFit complex provides a powerful triple effects of burning body fat, restores smoothness and elasticity of the skin, reducing the signs of cellulite.
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