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APPLE baby puree recommended from 4 months

SKU: 306647
Fleur Alpine


Organic product from EU - Fleur Alpine ORGANIC baby puree:

100% natural fruits, berries and vegetables
No added starch, flour, salt, sugar, vitamins and water
Only natural vitamins and minerals Made from hypoallergenic fruits, berries and vegetables from organic farms specially grown for baby food
Fruits, berries and vegetables are grown using no pesticides, chemical fertilizers, growth hormones, GMO and nano technologies
Artificial stabilizers, preservatives, colorings and flavor enhancers are not used during production
Taste and aroma of ripe fruits , berries and vegetables, tender consistency
Convenient innovative soft packaging – baby food pouch Made in Scotland

APPLE baby puree recommended from 4 months

Ingredients: Apple puree* *organic agriculture

Product features: 
100% fruit
No starch, flour, salt, sugar, vitamins and water added
No flavorings, colorings and preservatives
GMO free

Fleur Alpine ORGANIC baby puree APPLE is made from hypoallergenic varieties of apples. Apple puree is recommended to be included into the baby diet as one of the first products of wheaning food. Apples are rich in natural sugars, organic acids, vitamins and trace elements. Iron in combination with vitamin C is well absorbed in the intestine, helping to prevent anemia. Pectin and organic acids gently stimulate the bowel. Potassium and magnesium strengthen the cardiovascular system.

Product is ready to use. Open pouch and press out content directly into the spoon or plate. Begin to feed with ½ teaspoon, gradually increasing volume in accordance with baby’s age and recommendation of pediatrician.

Nutritional value in 100 g of the product: 
Energy – 45 kcal
Carbohydrates – 11,2 g
Protein – 0,4 g
Mass fraction of soluble solids – 13%
Minerals: Potassium 120 mg

Shelf life: 15 months from production date stated on the pouch.

Storage conditions: Store at the temperature from 0° to +25°С and humidity no more than 75%. Store in the refrigerator with closed cap no more than 24 hours after opening.

Net weight 90 g

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