911 Panthenol Body Cream, 1.69 oz/ 50 Ml

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D-panthenol, biolin, bisabolol, aloe vera, sea buckthorn extract, shea butter, vitamins A, E, FPurpose: It is recommended as an adjunct in the treatment of violations of the integrity of the skin: minor injuries, burns (including solar), chilblains, bruises, dermatitis, bed sores, diaper rash, cracked.

How to use: apply the cream to clean skin in the affected areas 2-3 times a day.

Features: D-panthenol has a strong regenerating, anti-inflammatory, helps restore skin. Bisabolol soothes the skin, relieves irritation, and increases the penetration. Has antibacterial, antimicrobial effect. Part of the BIOLIN (skin prebiotic), regulates the balance of the skin, by stimulating and maintaining protective organisms on its surface.
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