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100% Natural Cleansing Face gel-mousse for all skin types

SKU: 202572
Planeta Organica
FOR ALL SKIN TYPES Air gel-mousse brings a real pleasure gentle skin cleanser without soap. Based on the saponifitsirovannogo almond oil, held 8-hour saponification process, the gel-mousse provides the skin with a delicate cleansing and moisturizing. It consists of unique ingredients and valuable oils, gently nourishes the skin. Mousse does not cause irritation when washing, provides softening of the skin, easy to wash off makeup resistant, removes unpleasant sensation of dryness and tightness of the skin. Vetiver oil and flowers of orange tree moisturize and give the skin a delicious delicate flavor.
100% Natural Cleansing Face gel-mousse for all skin types
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