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100% Natural Beldi Body Soap for Bath and Shower, 15.21 oz/ 450 Ml

SKU: 203195
Grandma Agafia

Organic olive and castor oil, crushed leaves of eucalyptus, almond oil and avocado Sudanese rose. - 100% natural product - Organic olive oil and organic castor oil - Old recipe making natural soap - Traditional Turkish bath soap - Activates blood circulation and lymph flow through crushed eucalyptus leaves Soft Turkish soap Beldi made according to ancient recipes using organic olive and castor oils intensely nourishes and moisturizes the skin. Olive oil contains high concentrations of oleic acid, which helps to normalize lipid metabolism of the skin. Added milled eucalyptus leaves have a massage and skrabiruyuschy effect, activating blood and lymph circulation, which makes soap indispensable for anti-cellulite treatments. Almond oil and avocado have regenerative properties, intensely nourish and moisturize the skin. Sudanese rose uplifting its own unique flavor. Beldi soap has antiseptic properties and helps to eliminate inflammation in problem and oily skin. Directions: apply soap to wet skin of the body, massage and rinse with water.

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