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100% Bur-Marigold Oil, 1 oz/ 30 Ml

SKU: 204561


Bur Marigold Oil is composed of ascorbic acid, coumarins, polyphenolic tannins, flavonoids and various minerals (zinc , manganese, copper, etc.). These elements not only improve metabolic processes in skin cells, but also slow down the aging process.
Bur Marigold oil is especially suitable for people who suffer from dehydration of the skin and a rash on the face or body. It can be applied to the scalp. It especially helps with oily seborrhea and hair loss.
The product contains components that perfectly remove inflammation. Therefore, it is especially indicated for people suffering from acne and other skin diseases. The oil improves metabolic processes in the dermis, which is better supplied with blood and nutrients. Oil is great for performing facial massage.
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