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"Siberian Healer" Honey w/ Deer Antlers, 3.5 oz/ 100 g

SKU: 206378


" Honey with slices of deer antlers Altai "series" Siberian healer "is recommended:

- With frequent inflammatory, infectious and bacterial diseases - increases the body's resistance to infections, viruses and bacteria, promotes more rapid elimination of infectious or inflammatory process, reconstruction and normalization of functions and systems of the body;

- For dizziness, memory impairment, decreased mental alertness and concentration, tinnitus - improves concentration and learning process, restores the memory, normal cognitive functions (vision, hearing, etc.);

- Pain in the heart, palpitations, shortness of breath - normalizes the functioning of the heart and blood vessels, eliminates spasms, normalize heart rhythm, prevent high blood pressure;

- Depression, stress, obsessive negative thoughts, irritability and anxiety - promotes harmonious restoration of psycho-emotional mood swings;

- If overweight, violating the proportions of the body forms cellulite - contributes to the restoration and normalization of metabolic processes, prevents the formation of fat, lipid metabolism, eliminates inside the "orange peel" cellulite, tones the skin and restores skin elasticity and turgor;

- With a decrease in physical and sexual activity, loss of strength - helps to restore physical strength, recovery, and increase the duration of sexual activity of organs and systems, has a tonic effect, restores the energy potential;

- Food poisoning, violation of the microflora of the digestive system, infections of the gastrointestinal tract - helps to neutralize toxins, restores own intestinal microflora, normalizes the immune functions of the body, eliminates the effects of food and drug poisoning, restores normal functioning of the body's functions and systems;

- With hangover, alcohol poisoning, heart irregularities, headaches as a result of an overdose of alcohol - neutralizes the effect of alcohol on the body, contributes to the rapid recovery of mental alertness, concentration, coordination, prevent the fault of the cardiovascular system, it restores the normal working pressure;

- Pain in the joints and muscles - improves motor activity of the musculoskeletal system, removes pain in the joints and muscles, effective at chondrosis different origin. The effectiveness of the product is enhanced when applied topically in the form of compresses and ointments;

- With limb numbness, limb violation of motor activity - contributes to the restoration of sensitivity of limbs, mobility, restores motor activity, reduces the severity and pain when walking and movements. "
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