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Caviar,Fish, Seafood. In this category you can find a large assortment of the most popular varieties of fish and seafood. Here you will find a snack for every taste - from the delicacy of herring fillet "Mathias" to smoked mackerel, halibut, sturgeon, and salmon. Dried roach, bream, roach, eel, dried squid – all come great with a glass of beer. Canned fish, sprats, seaweed salad, meat, squid, gobies in tomato sauce, salad of cod liver oil are indispensable for any party or a picnic in the countryside. Finally - red and black caviar ranged from $10 to $300. We also provide large assortment on fish snacks. All the seafood will be sent to you in a special thermo pack that will help preserve the goods during transportation. Dry ice, fast and cheap shipping and a beautiful holiday table are guaranteed.


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Fish, Caviar, Seafood

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Herring Fillet in Dijon Hot Sauce Iceland Style...
Herring Fillet in Flavored Oils Iceland Style...
Herring Fillet in Spicy Filling Iceland Style...
Herring Fillet in Wine Sauce Iceland Style...
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Regular price: $3.49
Regular price: $3.49
Regular price: $3.49