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Candy, Sweets, Chocolate Top pastry recipes from traditional Russian brands "Rot Front", "Babaev", " Red October", " Victory", and a large assortment of new brands that have found their customers around the world :"Korkunoff ", "Ruzana" and many others from inexpensive candies to gift packages of handmade chocolates. If you don’t know what to give as a gift for a holiday - give a box of chocolates. Don’t want to pay a visit empty-handed - bring a box of chocolates. For a wedding, for a date, on New Year's Day, on a birthday, as a bribe or as a gift to your boss - a box of chocolates would be perfect. Roasted nuts, Red Poppy, Truffle, Squirrel, Bear Bruin, Mask , Kara-Kum , Capital , Bird's milk - these brands have become synonymous. You can order all these candies from us online. Convenient packaging of 0.5 lb. will allow you to make a purchase without sparing your range. You can pick a treat for kids and companions by buying a MIX of candies, or caramel Mix Roasting candies to discover the taste of chocolate brands like Moscow or Slavyanka. By paying the cost of 1 lb., you get more than 10-15 popular flavors of candies. We’ll help you find your favorite taste. Caramels will cheer you up the whole day. Fresh breath and nostalgia of childhood are guaranteed. Leader in the recent years and the opening of pastry sweets was "Divine Birds", probably even your parents don’t remember such a tender soufflé.. ? Chocolate lovers will find their favorite brand "Alenka" and its many variations: porous, hazelnut, almond, and the new-comer of Alenka in individual plates. The leader and a truly royal gift that will point to the originality and sophistication of your taste - is chocolate "Inspiration". Sweets that you can find on our website will bring you an eternal flood of memories and tastes of your childhood: Zephyr, Halva, Jam, Kazinaki, Cranberries in powdered sugar and more. We are very happy to send you a joyful, sweet, and festive food!

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