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Mineral Water Nabeghlavi, 16.5 oz/ 0.5 liter
Mineral water Nabeglavi | RussianFoodDirect.com

Mineral Water Nabeghlavi, 16.5 oz/ 0.5 liter

Brand Beverages
Country Georgia
Package 1 L
Is Perishable No


Genuine Georgian mineral waters are known and appreciated world-wide. Especially popular is legendary mineral water "Nabeglavi". In order to experience healing effect of this miraculous water to Georgia thronged people from the most remote corners of the planet!

The field of mineral water Nabeglavi and the plant are located in mountainous terrain, where flows the river Gubazeuli and its tributaries, distinguished by softness and purity. Mineral water Nabeglavi started to be bottled in 1950-ies. Since then began its triumphal procession around the world.

On the territory of Nabeglavi also flow springs of high salinity, which are successfully used in the spa uses. Nabeglavi baths have been a place of pilgrimage from time immemorial.

Useful properties of mineral water "Nabeglavi" are numerous. It is incredibly good for your health. This is not without reason that therapists and nutritionists all over the world strongly recommend this water for people with different states of health. Especially beneficial water "Nabeglavi" is for those who suffer from metabolic disorders such as diabetes mellitus and obesity. It is also very helpful for treatment of chronic diseases of the stomach and intestines, in particular for chronic gastritis, chronic colitis and enterocolitis.

Even provided you are absolutely healthy person you will benefit from taking in water "Nabeglavi". It will invigorate and refresh you, increase your vitality, fill you with joy and happiness!

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